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If you're here to jive your socks off and nothing else, there is always a dancefloor with live or DJ music for you at any time.
But Nighthawks is all about variety, so there's plenty of other activities to keep everyone entertained!

Dance Classes

Absolute beginners and seasoned dancers will find a class to inspire them! This year we have Lindy Hop, Authentic Jazz, St Louis and Collegiate Shag Dance. So if you’ve no experience at all, take a taster in these styles to get you moving to the sounds of the era. Plus there are more challenging classes for those who want extra material and variations. Watch this space for news on some exciting teachers this year!

Rock n' Soul Roller Disco

It’s official – roller discos are back in vogue, so get your skates on and strut your stuff to some soulful sounds from the collection of DJ Modern Use. Our skate pros are on hand to give tips, tricks and tutorials for all levels, and we end with a comedy competition judged by crowd clapometer! All skate sizes are provided and full protective equipment available to all.

Silent Disco: Retro Style

Don a pair of headphones and switch between 3 channels of killer music! Prepare to sing your heart out along with tunes from your younger days: with a different era on each channel you’ll be flipping seamlessly between the 70s, 80s and 90s. We call this the silent retreat – for when you’re all jazzed out and all you want to do is let rip to some Whitney Houston.

"Dayhawks" Falconry Show

Like all the best things, it started with a pun – Nighthawks wouldn’t be complete without some real live hawks. So we have Falconry UK delivering their wonderful and engaging flying display to show off some magnificent birds, including buzzards, eagles, owls and more. Suitable for children and adults alike. Photography involves donation to the charity’s bird rescue program.

Yoga & Meditation

Take the weight of those dancing feet each morning with Caroline’s Relax & Flow yoga classes. These sessions are tailored towards stretching and relaxing dance-weary muscles, and rejuvenating bodies that have hit it hard the night before! There also guided meditation sessions, which are like daytime disco naps to reset you for the evening’s revelries.

"Swing Club" Crazy Golf & Lawn Games

It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that Swingball kit set up, ready to be whacked! You can also challenge your friends to a mini-golf tournament (scorecards provided), or engage in a spot of croquet on our lawn. It’s the perfect chill-out activity, especially as sunshine is always guaranteed in this country. All we ask is that you don’t throw a tantrum if you lose.

Wild Swimming & Paddleboarding

We are truly blessed to be in such a picturesque lakeside setting – water lovers can cool off with a swim, while paddleboarders are free to roam. We supply a limited number of paddleboards, but feel free to bring your own or other similar equipment. An open water lifeguard is on duty each morning, and all guests are welcome to use shower and changing facilities.