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Good Friends Friday
Easter Weekend Referral Offer!

If you've got your tickets and want to earn money back whilst helping to spread the word,
this is perfect for persuading your friends who are dilly-dallying or sitting on the fence!

From Good Friday to Easter Monday you can earn a refund of 10% off one ticket for every person you refer. Here's how it works:

1. Receive your unique referral code via email
2. Give this code to your friends, and encourage them to purchase their ticket
3. They enter the code into the discount box when they purchase
4. They don't get a discount, but you get a 10% refund off one ticket for EACH ticket purchased

- 10% of ONE of your tickets will be refunded, per FULL WEEKEND ticket sold using your code*
- This includes multiple tickets purchased in the same transaction by the same person - you receive a 10% refund for EACH ticket in their order
- Maximum refund is 100% of total price of all of your tickets. So if you have purchased one ticket, and 10 people use your code, you will get the ticket for free! But you don't get further rewards if more people use your code, sorry!
- If you have purchased multiple tickets, each refund is 10% of ONE of the tickets, not all of them. But your code will continue to work, so if you refer more than 10 people, you will receive further refunds. eg. Refer 16 people to receive 100% off one ticket and 60% off the second.
- Refunds will only go to those whose code is used, even if multiple people have given their code to one person, as that person can only use one code per transaction. Please don't fall out over this though!
- Your refund will be processed on Tuesday 2nd April and may take up to 7 days to reach your bank account.
*For Saturday or Sunday tickets sold using your code, the refund amount is 5%, and the above terms stand equivalently for this.
**No refund is awarded for Friday tickets or Kids tickets purchased on referral.

The deadline for your referrals to purchase is:
11:59pm on Easter Monday (1st April) 2024